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Bending Branches Navigator

UPCs: 717320332918, 717320332925, ...
Manufacturer #s: P NAVIGATOR210, P NAVIGATOR220, ...

Navigator Wood Kayak Paddle The ultimate combination of technology and handcrafted beauty making the Navigator lightweight resilient and buoyant.

Bending Branches Viper

UPC: 717320200156
Manufacturer #s: PVIPER48, PVIPER50, ...

Viper Expedition Canoe Paddle The durability necessary to take on any paddling conditions with the comfort of a more natural hold.


Bending Branches Beavertail

UPC: 717320100364
Manufacturer #s: PBEAV54, PBEAV57, ...

Beavertail Recreational Canoe Paddle Efficient for deep water lake paddling with its classic long narrow blade bringing canoeing back to its roots.

Bending Branches Splash Kids

UPCs: 717320400860, 717320400877
Manufacturer #s: PSPLSSBKVAS180, PSPLSSBKVAS200

Splash (Kid's) Recreational Kayak Paddle For the youngsters out there who are new to kayak paddling we bring you the Bending Branches Splash a recreational kayak paddle for kids.


Bending Branches Sunburst 11 Bent

UPCs: 717320160337, 717320200514, ...
Manufacturer #s: PSUNBURST1150, PSUNBURST1152, ...

Sunburst 11 Premium Canoe Paddle We crafted this extremely lightweight canoe paddle with an 11 degree bent shaft to pair efficient paddling on the water with a relaxed natural grip.


Bending Branches Twig Str 42

UPC: 717320100012
Manufacturer #: PTWIG42

Twig (Kid's) Recreational Canoe Paddle Give your young paddlers a great start.


Bending Branches Java 11 Bent

UPCs: 717320202235, 717320202242
Manufacturer #s: PJAVAPLUS1148, PJAVAPLUS1150, ...

Java 11 Premium Canoe Paddle Our lightest all-wood canoe paddle reinforced with Rockgard and fiberglass with a bent shaft for a relaxed grip and efficiency on flat water.


Bending Branches Sunburst ST (Straight)

UPCs: 717320160221, 717320160238, ...
Manufacturer #s: PSUNBURSTST54, PSUNBURSTST56, ...

Sunburst ST Premium Canoe Paddle The Bending Branches Sunburst canoe paddle combines years of wood-crafting artistry with state of the art composite technology to make this a lightweight paddle that's extremely durable.


Bending Branches Java ST (Straight)

UPCs: 717320162249, 717320162232, ...
Manufacturer #s: PJAVAPLUSST58, PJAVAPLUSST56, ...

Java ST Premium Canoe Paddle The Java paddle is for the pure traditionalist for whom only an all-wood paddle will do. A more than worthy heir to the Espresso tradition.


Bending Branches Angler Navigator Plus

UPC: 717320333021
Manufacturer #s: P-ANG-NAVP230/245, P-ANG-NAVP240/255

Made with rich-looking alder roasted basswood and basswood the Angler Navigator Plus has a?proven blade design that is more flexible than composite paddles.