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YakAttack GearTrac GTTL175-08 EDDY
by YakAttack

UPC: 819731013087
Manufacturer #: GTTL175-08

GearTrac GTTL175-08 EDDY


YakAttack Fishfinder Mount Round Plate
by YakAttack

UPC: 819731014381
Manufacturer #: FFP-1005

Fishfinder Mount Round Plate


YakAttack Fishfinder Mount Lowrence
by YakAttack

UPC: 819731014053
Manufacturer #: FFP-1002

LocknLoad Fishfinder Mount Lowrence


YakAttack Fishfinder Mount LG Base
by YakAttack

UPC: 819731014367
Manufacturer #: FFP-1003

Fishfinder Mount LG Base

YakAttack Fishfinder Mount Helix Base
by YakAttack

UPC: 819731014374
Manufacturer #: FFP-1004

Fishfinder Mount Helix Base

Crescent UltraLite

UPCs: 100000016060, 100000016077, ...
Manufacturer #s: CKUL-1-UL-AQUA, CKUL-1-UL-PURPLE, ...

Small fun and as close to the fish as possible this is Ultra Lite fishing.


Crescent LiteTackle

Manufacturer #s: CKLT-12-AQUA, CKLT-12-MARSH, ...

In contrast to cluttered fishing ka"yak"s on the market the LiteTackle utilizes clean refined design without limiting functionality.


Eddyline Caribbean 14

UPCs: 700736517192, 100000003176, ...
Manufacturer #s: K-C14 RP, K-C14 RP/SV, ...

The ultimate lightweight fishing ka"yak" the Caribbean 14 retains most of the popular features of the Caribbean 12 with a few cool features and options specifically for ka"yak" angler.


YakPower SAE Y-Adapter

UPC: 607520031813
Manufacturer #: YP-SAEY

SAE Y-Adapter


YakPower SAE to USB 3amp Charging Dongle

UPC: 607520031790
Manufacturer #: YP-USB2

SAE Y-Adapter